Camp Program

Each year a theme is chosen for the camp and we build some of our program around it. For example this summer the theme will be SPY.

Starting on the Sunday afternoon the campers create signs with their cabin name on it. Their names are put on the front of the colour coded hat that matches the hat of the cabin leader. That way everyone is able to identify the campers by name and we know whose group they belong to.

Photo C

The first few days of each week finds the campers participating in crafts, canoeing, swimming, and archery, rotating through the 4 activities. Each evening we hold a campfire where we do skits, songs and cheers trying out new ones each night.

Each afternoon 2 of our cabin groups (6-8 campers) use the camp wagons to transport needed gear and food to our outback program which is situated at the north end of the camp. The campers with their cabin leaders and the staff member in charge spend the afternoon and evening preparing dinner, campfire, sleeping in a shelter, compass work, shelter building and games to mention just a few of the activities. The whole purpose of our outback experience is to give the campers more scouting skills that will encourage them to continue on their scouting journey to the next Scout section.

The evenings are filled with various wide games. Some summers we have special guests who attend and put on an activity, consistent with that particular years theme, that the campers observe or participate in.

Photo D

Later in the week the camp packs up and travels to a water park for a day of fun in the sun. Lunch is prepared and the campers receive a special treat at 2 pm. The campers return in time for dinner back at Camp McLean.

Our camp court is convened after dinner, where a special guest scouter attends as the Camp Judge. The campers become our jury and the staff are called up one at a time to face the charges created against them. Loads of laughs and fun unfold as most of the staff are, of course, found guilty. Those who are guilty receive their punishments in the summer sun the following day.

Friday finds us almost at the end of the camping week. Camp shirts with signatures, Archery Tournament, our afternoon round robin tournament bring us to our special dinner and final campfire to close off the week, not to forget the conclusion of Mission Impossible Wide Game.

All that is left is for the campers to pack up their belongings ready for the 10 am pickup and send them home with loads of memories that will last a lifetime.

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