Our Summer Camp started over 30 years ago and is still going strong today. A group of dedicated volunteers plans and implements the annual program based on the current theme. Some of the volunteers are not available to help with both the planning and camp. Some assisted in the planning process and others came to camp for a week or even just a few days. Any assistance individuals can provide is always appreciated.

Photo BHow can you help?

  • Assist in the planning stages
  • Assist with phoning
  • Assist in the kitchen
  • Evening supervision
  • Preparation for program activities
  • Delivering program activities
  • Attend camp for a week (or more)
  • Attend camp part time (Mon/Tue/Wed)

We are also looking for a Camp Chief as well as Deputy Camp Chief for some of the weeks.

Some of those members could only help out during the planning stages of the project and were not available to attend during the summer. Others came full time to the camp which usually meant one week some time during the 5 weeks. We also had adults who were only available for one or two days in a week. This is valuable help as we slot those people in on the days they are available.

We email applications for Staff and to all the registered Venturer Scouts in the Council and usually have over 50 apply to come and help during the summer. We do interview all the candidates to learn a little.

In recent years, Adults are the most challenging helpers to obtain. They are still a much needed resource. We need adults to take on the roles of Camp Chief and Deputy Camp Chief. Of course there needs to be the right fit for the jobs, like all the jobs we offer in Scouting more about each of them and invite them to attend our Summer Camp Orientation weekend in June.